Litti – The Indian Barbeque


This form of food is a sought after delicacy in North india. There are many variations of this, and this is known as Bati as well at some places. I am writing about the one which is widely eaten in Bihar. The most important ingredient is Sattu. Sattu is obtained by grinding roasted gram ( this is different from Besan). Then dough is prepared by adding spices, lemon juice etc to the flour. The filling is prepared by adding various spices to sattu and finally the flour balls are prepared with the filling inside the dough. This is then baked.



This baking is very important and traditionally this is done on a fire lit by dung cakes. When a litti is properly baked, cracks are developed and if you happen to be sitting close by, the aroma is captivating. Hold on, if you are thinking this is it, there is lot to it. This is then served with Ghee, which is literally poured over the litti. They say, the taste is never true unless there is a liberal amount of ghee is there with litti.

There is something still missing, and this Baingan ka chokha or bhurta. But this is not the only thing, litti is eaten with mutton as well, especially in north bihar. In UP, this litti is called as Bati and in Rajasthan as well, this is called as Bati.

Nowadays, in households , this is baked in gas tandoors and microwaves but these do not match the taste which the litti cooked in open fire offers. For me the best barbeque is which cooks Litti.

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