Killing of Ravana – help of Durga and Saraswati

Rama and Ravana - The Ramayana
Rama and Ravana - The Ramayana

Killing of Ravana was not an easy task for Lord Rama. He had to seek help of Maa Durga and Maa Saraswati for killing him.

Killing of Ravana

Lord Rama took blessings of Maa Durga – The story of Blue Lotuses

Durga Puja commemorates Prince Rama’s offering to Maa Durga before going to war with the demon king Ravana. Lord Rama first worshipped the ‘Mahishasura Mardini’ (the other name for the Goddess) or the assassin of the buffalo-demon, by offering 108 blue lotuses and lighting 108 lamps.

The legend behind it, Rama went to Lanka to rescue his abducted wife Sita from the grip of Ravana, the king of demons in Lanka. Before starting for his battle with Ravana, Rama wanted the blessings of Devi Durga. He had to offer 108 blue lotuses to the Devi”

After travelling the whole world, Rama could gather only 107 lotuses. He finally decided to offer one of his eyes, which resembled blue lotuses  and being a avatar of Lord Vishnu, he was called as Kamalnayan.  Maa Durga, pleased with the devotion of Rama, appeared before him and blessed him.

Rama offering his eye to Devi Durga

As all know he was born with lotus eyes and everyone regarded them as blue lotus eyes. His decision to pluck his beautiful blue eyes as a substitute for the 108th blue lotus made Devi Chandika or Durga appear in full form before him and stopped him from doing so.

Ravana praising Lord Rama

During the course of battle, Ravana suddenly started praising Rama. This created a tricky situation for the Lord as he could not kill someone who is praising him.

Everyone lose heart knowing this. All Gods and Goddesses assembled together and it was decided in the meeting that Goddess Saraswati should reside on the tongue of Ravana, making him say foul words to Rama.

As soon as this happened, Ravana started saying fould words to Rama and then Rama could kill Ravana.

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