Indian mythology

Indian mythology is a supreme collection of teachings, learnings and inspiring stories. There are four important vedas, a lot of puranas, upanishads and many more. Then there is Ramayana and Mahabharata. Mahabhrata is also known as Fifth veda, and it is a mesmerizing story of human relationships.

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Lord Vishnu is the second of holy trinity and he is entrusted with welfare of everyone. He took ten incarnations from time to time to help mankind and devtas. His tenth avatar, the Kalki avatar is slated to appear at the end of Kaliyuga. Krishna Avatar and Rama avatar are two of his most famous avatars.

Yuddha Kand from Ramayana

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Karna, the tragic hero and Bhishma Pitamah are other notable characters from Mahabharata. There are chapters dedicated to them in Mahabharata.

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Bhishma has the distinction of making Shri Krishna lift a weapon in the war of Mahabharata, such was the power of grand sire.