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Popular articles on Lord Ganesha

  • How Lord Ganesha was married? He was creating mischiefs to Devas that they have to request Brahma to get him married. Full story here.
  • Why one should not look at moon on Ganesha Chaturthi? This is an interesting reason why people do not like to look at Moon on Ganesha Chaturthi. Read here
  • How Lord Ganesha wrote Mahabharat? He had to use one of his tusks for writing this great epic. Sage Vyasa and Lord Ganesha both have put forth condition in writing of this epic. To know more, click here

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Lord Shiva stories

  • The most enduring symbol associated with Lord Shiva is Shivlinga. There are various explanations of Shivlinga given in various texts. You can also read some of them here.
  • Lord Shiva has six sons, Lord Hanumana was an avatar of Lord Shiva, why his body is covered with ash and other unknown stories. Whole Story here.

Real story on Shakuni

Contrary to the popular version where Shakuni was helping Duryodhana, there is another version as to Shakuni was actually plotting the downfall of Kauravas. What could have been the reason for this?

Karna stories

  • Family of Karna – Do you know that after demise of Karna, Arjuna became fond of his son, Vrishaketu.

Lord Krishna stories

  • Great stories on Lord Krishna can be found here.

Ramayana Stories

  • Lakshman – who defeated sleep was the only one who could kill Indrajit, the invincible son of Ravana. But how – Read this here.

Great articles on Mahabharata

Mahabharata is an intriguing and complex tale of sacrifices, relationships, deceit, revenges and many more. In spite of every thing, there are many facts, which we do not know about. Lets see how much we know about Mahabharata, the fifth Veda.

Lord Hanumana

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Do you know that Lord Shiva served as a servant to his follower?

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