Duryodhana’s moment of greatness or Yudhishthir’s moment of madness

Weakness of Yudhishthira in mahabharata

Probably Yudhishthira had a tendency to blow it all when he was very close to achieving. He first blew it for Pandavas when he agreed to play the dice, A game which he did not know how to play. Again, there was a moment on eighteenth day of Mahabharata war, when Yudhishthira offered Duryodhana to chose any of the pandavas for one on one.

At that point of time, pandavas were the clear winners of Mahabharata, having killed all kauravas except Duryodhana. They have also succesfully neutralized Bhishma, Drona and Karna earlier. Bhima had fulfilled his vow of drinking Dushashna’s blood from his heart. Draupadi has also tied her hair after they were wet with the blood brought by Bhima.


Bhima with his mace


On the fateful day seeing the eminent defeat, Duryodhana fled from Kurukshetra. He took refuge in a lake called Dwaipayana. Yudhishthira challenged him to come out and be brave. He also offered him to chose any of the brothers for  fight and if he defeats in the duel, then the kingdom is his. Shri Krishna got worried, but luckily for pandavas,  Duryodhana chose Bhima.

Both warriors possessed exceptional physical strength and had trained under Balarama in mace fighting and wrestling to the same level of prowess. Duryodhana was more agile,nimble but Bhima had more strength. After a long and brutal battle, Duryodhana begins to exhaust Bhima.

Duryodhana and Bhima in duel

Duryodhana managed to struck Bhima, which rendered him unconscious. Bhima looked toward Shri Krishna and he pointed towards his thighs. Bhima understood and soon obliged. Balrama became furious as it was against the rules of the  war.Shri Krishna intervenes, but Mahabharata war was practically over by now.

Duryodhana and Krishna

Duryodhana dies slowly, and is cremated by the Pandavas. When Yudhisthira himself ascends to Swarga, he sees Duryodhana there upon a throne. He is angry that Duryodhana is enjoying a place in heaven despite his sins, but Indra explains to him that he had served his time in hell, and had also been a good and powerful king.


  1. This explaination is not complete. this takes some points from mahabharata not all. for example in the war Duroyodhana fled many times from the war even in the hands of nakula and sahadeva and other smaller warriors. Duroyodhana was in haven first indra said that he will be sent to the hell later. all explaination is mostly in the wrong does not look all parts of mahabhartha. Bhisma,drona,karna and even duroyodhna priced the greatness of yudhisthira.

  2. Duryodhan was a great warrior who was also a master of all weapons he could have easily kill Nakul or Sahadev or even Yudhistir. There is only one warrior who could kill him and that is Bheema….. Not even Arjna or even Karna could kill him in one on one combat or in a fair fight

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