Tirupati Laddu

Laddu, or Ladoo, is one of the most important offering and prasadam given to devotees at the Tirumala Tirupati Lord Venkateswara Temple. Tirupati Laddu is a spherical-shaped sweet made of flour and sugar. In fact, Tirupati and the huge laddus are synonymous. It is a customary duty of a devotee returning from Tirupati Balaji Temple … Read more

Namak pare (nimki)

Ingredients : All purpose flour or maida -1 cup 3/4tsp. salt 1/4 tsp carom seeds(ajwain) 2 tbsp oil about 1/3 cup water oil to fry Process: -In a bowl mix flour, salt, oil, carom seeds. – Knead it adding little water to make firm but smooth dough, set aside for 10 min. -Again knead them … Read more

Adai – recipe for delicious food

Adai recipe Adai is the famous food delicacy widely consumed in south india. This is also referred as Adai Dosa or Adai Dosai. The recipe of this food form is discussed here.  As in other forms of food recipes from south, this also contains  rice and gram. In fact, rice and gram are a key … Read more

French toast

Ingredients : bread slices-2 eggs- 2 milk- 2 tbsp. salt to taste sugar a pinch (optional) butter Process : – Break eggs into a wide, shallow bowl beat lightly with a fork. Add sugar, salt, and milk. – Place the bread slices, one at a time, into the bowl or plate, letting slices soak up … Read more

Cheese toast

Ingredients: Bread slice – 2. Cheese grated- 1 cup. Capsicum chopped- 1 tbsp. Tomatoes chopped- 1 tbsp. Green chill chopped (optional). Process : In a bowl mix cheese, capsicum, tomatoes, chillies, salt. Mix so that it become like paste, otherwise you can add some cream. Toast the bread slightly. Apply cheese mixture on the bread … Read more

Onion rings

Ingredients: onion- 2 large. all purpose flour – 75 gms. corn starch – 2 tb. sp. milk – 120ml. egg – 1 beaten. baking powder -1/2 tsp. sugar – 1/2 tsp. salt and paparika to taste. oil to fry. Process : – Peel and cut onion into circular slices of about 1 cm thick then … Read more