21 facts of Lord Krishna

Shri Krishna

 Shri Krishna – known and unknown facts

Shri Krishna
Shri Krishna

Shri Krishna is perhaps the most written about amongst the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. His stories are magical, inspiring and sometimes they look human like. Please read on for some interesting and unknown facts about him.

Shri Krishna’s masterstrokes (1)

1. Lord was born in Rohini Nakshatra as the eighth son of Devki and Vasudeva.

Birth of Shri Krishna
Birth of Shri Krishna

2. He brought back the son of his guru (teacher), Sandipani, who was dead. Thus he paid his Gurudakshina to Sage Sandipani.

Sage Sandipani - teacher of Krishna and Balrama
Sage Sandipani – teacher of Krishna and Balrama

3. Many of us do not know that he also brought back the six sons of Devki (seventh and eighth being Balrama and himself) for a brief reunion. Names of these six sons are Smara, Udgitha, Parishvanga, Patanga, Kshudrabhrit and Ghrini.

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These six sons were earlier grand sons of Hiranyakashyap and they were living under a curse.

3. Kansa or Kamsa was Kalanemi in his earlier birth.  Kalanemi was killed by Lord Vishnu.  The six sons of Devki were Kalanemi sons in his previous birth and they were cursed by Hiranykashyap that they would be killed by their father. Hence Kansa, duly kills six sons of Devki in their next birth. The six sons of Kalanemi were known by the names of Hamsa, Suvikrama, Kratha, Damana, Ripurmardana and Krodhahanta.

Killing of Kansa
Killing of Kansa

4. Gandhari’s curse to Lord served two purposes. In his earlier avatar as Lord Rama(incarnation), he killed Bali. He assured Tara (Bali’s widow) that Bali would be able to exact his revenge in his next birth.

The hunter Jara was  Bali reborn, and in this life, he ended Shri Krishna’s stay on earth with a simple arrow. Thus Gandhari’ s curse and his assurance has been fulfilled.

Death of Bali (Vali)
Death of Bali (Vali)

5. Shri Krishna had a total of 16,108 wives, of which only eight were his princely wives,also known as Ashtabharya,or patrani. There names are as following

Rukmini, SatyabhamaJambavatiNagnajitiKalindi, MitravindaBhadra and Lakshmana.

Rukmini is also considered to be an avatar of Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune. Shri Krishna married her after she sent him a letter to come and abduct her and save her relatives from a fight.

When he was eloping with Rukmini,  Rukmini’s brother Rukmi came and fought, before being defeated by Shri Krishna. His other  16,100 wives were rescued from Narakasura. They had been forcibly kept in his palace and after Krishna had killed Narakasura he rescued these 16,100 women and freed them.

Lord Krishna and Rukmini
Lord Krishna and Rukmini

6. Out of his wives, Satyabhama had some ego while Rukmini was fully devoted to Lord Krishna. There is a famous incident of Tulabharam, which has established the simplcity of Rukmini was better than the wealth of Satyabhama.

Tulabharam Shri Krishna
Tulabharam Shri Krishna

7. He had eighty sons from his eight queens (Ashtapatrani’s). From each of his queen, he had ten sons. Pradyumna was the son of Rukmini. Samba was the son from Jambavati, who was cursed by the sages which later became the reason of destruction of Yadu clan. Shri Krishna himself done penance of Lord Shiva to obtain a son like him. Incidentally, Lord also cursed Samba to be affected by leprosy. Courtesy of Sage Narada.

8. Shri Krishna’s sister Subhadra was born to Vasudev and Rohini. She was born after Vasudeva was freed from the prison. Balrama wanted her to be married to Duryodhana, who was his favourite disciple. But Rohini and other did not want this. To overcome this situation, Shri Krishna advised Arjuna to abduct Subhadra. He also asked Subhadra to hold the rains of the chariot, so it was technically not an abduction. Balrama was pacified later on, and the marriage was performed at Indraprastha.

Arjuna and Subhadra
Arjuna and Subhadra

9. There is no mention of Radha in scriptures. Neither Mahabharata, Nor Shrimad Bhagwat mention this. This fact is too important to missed by greats like Ved Vyasa. Probably, this was included by Jayadev and became famous from there.

10. Ekalavya was actually Krishna’s cousin. He was the son of Devashrava (brother of Vasudeva) who got lost in the forest and was found by a Nishada Hiranyadhanu. Ekalavya died protecting his father during Rukmini Swayamvar. He was killed by Krishna. For his great sacrifice of Gurudakshina Krishna blessed Ekalavya that he would be soon reincarnated and take revenge on Drona. This person was Dhristadyumna (who kiled Drona).

11. He is arguably the most difficult character to understand. Once, he even started fighting with Arjuna. Lord Shiva got so perturbed that he descended to stop the fight. He asked what he was doing. Krishna’s simple reply was that Arjuna needed to fight in battle and hence he was testing Arjuna.

12. The narration of the Bhagvad Gita by Lord was heard firsthand not only by Arjuna but also Hanuman and Sanjaya. Hanuman was perched on top of Arjuna’s chariot throughout the battle of Kurukshetra and Sanjaya was blessed by Ved Vyasa with divine vision in order to narrate the events of the battle to Dhritharashtra.

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13. The narration of the Bhagvad Gita by Krishna was heard firsthand not only by Arjuna but also Hanuman and Sanjaya. Hanuman was perched on top of Arjuna’s chariot throughout the battle of Kurukshetra and Sanjaya was blessed by Veda Vyasa with divine vision in order to narrate the events of the battle to Dhritharashtra.

14. Pradyumna was  the son of Lord, was an incarnation of Kamadev. Kamadev was turned to ashes by Lord Shiva in the earlier life. In this life, he was abducted by Sambarasura and drowned in the ocean, but somehow survived and appeared in his kitchen. He was looked after by Mayavati, who was an incarnation of Rati. She told him that how Sambarasura has tried to kill him when he was ten days old, and asked him to kill Sambarasura.

Pradyumna and Sambarasur
Pradyumna and Sambarasur

Pradyumna immediately went before Sambara and challenged him to fight. Pradyumna began to address him in very strong language, so that his temper might be agitated and he would be moved to fight. Soon, a fight started and Pradyumna beat and killed Sambarasura.

15. Pandavas were related to Shri Krishna from mother’s side. Their mother, Kunti, was the sister of Vasudev, father of Shri Krishna.

16. Shri Krishna’s favourite weapon was Sudarshan Chakra. Its notable uses were in killing of Shishupala and more importantly, it was used to create the illusion of sunset which led to the killing of Jayadratha.

17. Killing of Kaalyavan: There was demon named Kaalyavan, who was summoned by Jarasandha to fight Shri Krishna. He realized that beating him would take some time, so he used a boon on Muchkund to neutralize Kaalyavan. Muchkund was sleeping in a cave and he had a boon that the first person he sees after waking up, will be turned to ashes. Lord entered the cave and hid behind a rock while Kaalyavan happened to wake up Muchkund, and soon, was left to ashes.

18. Lord was the first person who told Karna about the secret of his birth. He was trying to persuade Karna while he was in Hastinapur, desperately trying to avert the war. Karna has politely refused his offer and requested him to not to divulge this secret to Pandavas.

19. During Raas Leela, Lord danced with gopikas. While dancing, all gopis thought that the Lord was dancing with them.

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20. Durvasa did not spare Lord also from his curse. One day, Durvasa was eating kheer (a sweet dish made of rice and milk),Lord was also there. Durvasa ordered Lord to apply the left over kheer on his body. He applied it on the full body but did not apply on his feet thinking of the kheer to be consecrated. Durvasa got angry at this and cursed the Lord that since you did not obey my orders and did not apply the kheer on your legs,your legs will not remain impenetrable and unbroken. It is the famous story that he left this world because an arrow by a hunter hurt his toe.

21. Duryodhana foolishly tried to imprison Lord when he came for negotiations. Shri Krishna shows all the kings his great form (Virat roopa) . Knowing this Dhritrashtra, also pleaded to allow him to see him once in this form which was granted. The poorer souls shut their eyes while the pious ones were benefited.

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More stories about Lord Krishna

कर्ण ने गुप्त रूप से दिया अर्जुन को जीवनदान – When Karna given life to Arjuna

महाभारत के युद्ध में भीष्म पितामाह ने यह शर्त रखी थी की जब तक वह कौरवों के प्रधान सेनापति है तब तक कर्ण कौरवों के पक्ष से युद्ध में हिस्सा नहीं ले सकतेl भीष्म पितामह की इस शर्त के कारण विवश कर्ण अपने पड़ाव में बैठे युद्ध का समाचार सुनते रहते और छटपटाते रहते थेl

जब अर्जुन के प्रहारों से भीष्म पितामह बाणों के शरशय्या पर पड़ गए तब गुरु द्रोण कौरव सेना के प्रधान सेनापति हुए तथा दुर्योधन के कहने पर गुरु द्रोण ने कर्ण को इस युद्ध में हिस्सा लेने की आज्ञा दे दीl अब कर्ण भी युद्ध में शामिल हो चुके थे और महाभारत का यह युद्ध अपनी चरम सीमा पर थाl

भगवान श्री कृष्ण हर समय यह प्रयास करने की कोशिश करते कि युद्ध में कहीं अर्जुन और कर्ण का एक दूसरे से सामना ना हो जाएl एक बार कुरुक्षेत्र में अर्जुन और कर्ण का एक दूसरे से सामना हो ही गया तथा दोनों एक दूसरे पर तीरों की वर्षा  करने लगेl कर्ण अब अर्जुन पर हावी होने लगे थेl कर्ण  ने अर्जुन पर अनेक तेज बाणों से प्रहार करना शुरू कियाl कर्ण का जब एक भयंकर आघात अर्जुन पर आया तो श्री कृष्ण ने अपना रथ नीचे कर दियाl

Arjuna kills Karna
Arjuna kills Karna

कर्ण का वह बाण अर्जुन के मुकुट के ऊपरी हिस्से को काटता हुआ निकला और आश्चर्य की बात तो यह थी की वह बाण वापस कर्ण के तरकस में आ गया तथा क्रोधित होकर कर्ण से तर्क-वितर्क करने लगाl

कर्ण के द्वारा छोड़ा गया वह बाण क्रोधित अवस्था में कर्ण के तरकस में वापस आया था बोला- कर्ण अबकी बार जब तुम अर्जुन पर निशाना साधो तो ध्यान रहे कि निशाना अचूक होना चाहिएl अगर में लक्ष्य पर लग गया तो हर हाल में अर्जुन मृत्यु  को पा जाएगा तथा उसकी रक्षा किसी भी हालत में नहीं हो सकतीl इस बार पूरा प्रयत्न करो तुम्हारी प्रतिज्ञा अवश्य ही पूर्ण होगीl

कर्ण ने जब यह सुना तो उन्हें बड़ा आश्चर्य हुआ तथा उन्होंने उस बाण से उसका परिचय पूछा व बोले मेरा अर्जुन के वध करने का संकल्प लेने के पीछे कई कारण है परन्तु मैं यह जानना चाहता हूँ कि आखिर आप के मन में अर्जुन के वध को लेकर इतनी प्रबल इच्छा क्यों है ?

कर्ण के यह पूछने पर उस बाण में से एक सर्प  प्रकट हुआ, वास्तविकता में उस बाण में एक सर्प का वास थाl  उसने कर्ण को अर्जुन से द्वेष रखने का कारण बताते हुए एक कथा सुनाई l

सर्प बने बाण ने अपना परिचय देते हुए कर्ण से कहा, हे ! वीर मैं कोई साधारण तीर नहीं हूँ, मैं महासर्प अश्वसेन हूँ l अर्जुन से प्रतिशोध  लेने के लिए मेने बहुत लम्बी साधना और प्रतीक्षा कर रखी है इसलिए आज मैं तुम्हारी तरकश में हूँ क्योकि एक तुम ही हो जिसमे अर्जुन से समाना करने का सामर्थ्य हैl

अर्जुन ने एक बार खांडव वन में आगलगा दी थीl आग इतनी प्रचण्ड थी कि उस आग ने वन में सब कुछ जलाकर राख कर दिया थाl उस वन में मैं अपने परिवार के साथ रहता था तथा उस प्रचण्ड अग्नि ने मेरे पूरे परिवार को जला दिया व मैं उनकी रक्षा नहीं कर पायाl

इसके प्रतिशोध के लिए मेने बहुत लम्बी प्रतीक्षा की है l तुम सिर्फ ऐसा करो कि मुझे अर्जुन के शरीर तक पहुंचा दो इसके आगे का शेष कार्य मेरा घातक विष कर देगाl

 उस ने सर्प से कहा हे ! मित्र मैं आपकी भावनाओ का सम्मान करता हूँ परन्तु मैं यह युद्ध अन्य साधन के साथ नहीं बल्कि अपने पुरुषार्थ व नैतिकता के रास्ते पर चलकर जितना चाहता हूँ l

मैं दुर्योधन के पक्ष से युद्ध में खड़ा हूँ किन्तु इसका यह अभिप्राय न निकाले कि मैं सदैव अनीति का साथ दूंगा, यदि नीति के रास्ते पर चलते हुए अर्जुन मेरा वध  भी कर दे तो मैं हँसते हँसते मृत्यु को गले लगा लूंगा परन्तु यदि अनीति के राह पर चलते हुए मैं अर्जुन का वध करू तो यह मुझे बिलकुल भी स्वीकार नहीं  हैl

अश्वसेन ने बोला कि हे ! वीर तुम में एक सच्चे योद्धा की विशेषता है अतः मेरी नजर में तुम अभी से विजय हो चुके होl यदि तुम ने अपने जिंदगी में कोई अनीति का कार्य किया भी तो वह तुम्हारी असंगति का कारण थाl यदि आप इस युद्ध में पराजित भी होते हो तो भी आपकी कीर्ति  बनी रहेगीl

Ekadashi vrata and its importance

The interesting story of Ekadashi vrata and its importance

The Ekadashi day is the most purifying of all days and observing fast on this day takes away all the sins. There is an interesting story behind the origin of Ekadashi narrates about the importance of Ekadashi. It is said that eating grains his forbidden on Ekadashi day and observing fast on this day is beneficial to the observer for a number of reasons.

There are 26 Ekadashi days fall in a year plus five days Ramnavmi, Shivratri, Vamana Jayanti, Narsingh Jayanti and Janmashatmi. It is said that observing fast and indulging in religious activities in these days, the person is benefited in number of ways.

There is a story as why grains are not eaten that day because, Paappurusha resides there. Devi Ekadashi is a manifestation of God as she was born of Eleven(ekadash) indriyas of Lord Vishnu and has following boons from lord:

[quote]1. That She always be the chosen one and lovable to him.[/quote]

[quote]2. That She be the highest of all the horoscopic dates (Tithi’s); That She be the destroyer of all sins; That She grant the strength to people to live more in their life.[/quote]

[quote]3. That She can grant good health, wealth and any wishes to those who complete a fast and follow the fast of  Ekadashi with the three boons.[/quote]

The Eleventh day of Kartik is the appearance (Utpati) day of Ekadashi.

Origin of Ekadashi

Once in the age of Satyug, the demon named Mur (son of demon Naadijang) won over the Kingdom of Swarag (Dev Loka) from the devtas.  He defeated all devas and ruled over them. Devtas, thus troubled by the demon went to Lord Vishnu and asked him to save them from the clutches of Mur. Lord Vishnu then reached the Mur’s capital, candravati and was attacked by other demons. Lord destroyed them immediately. At last, left alone, Mur started fighting with lord.

Mur used his mystic power to render useless whatever weapons the Supreme Lord Vishnu unleashed. Indeed, to the demon the weapons felt just like flowers striking him. When the Lord could not defeat the demon even with various kinds of weapons, he began fighting with his bare hands, which were as strong as iron-studded clubs. The Lord wrestled with Mura for one thousand celestial years and then, apparently fatigued, left for Badarikashram.

There Lord , the greatest of all yogis, the Lord of the universe, entered a very beautiful cave named Himavati to rest. That cave was ninety-six miles in diameter and had only one entrance. very tired, Lord went there  to take rest. and soon fell asleep. The demon followed him into that cave and, seeing him asleep, started thinking within his heart, “Today I will kill this slayer of all demons,  Hari.”

Just when Mur demon(danav) was about to strike Lord,  from the divine senses of God, appeared a beautiful woman with all sorts of divine artilleries in her hands.

Seeing her, Mur Daanav got entangled to her sensational beauty, lost his own senses and asked her to marry him. The woman said, “Oh no! It is not easy to have me in marriage. I have a condition that whoever wins me in a battle will marry me.” Blinded in the beauty of the woman, another battle started between them. Mur Daanav did not realise that one of the two has to die in order for the other to win. Ultimately, Mur Daanav was killed in the war.

Mur demon and Ekadashi
Mur demon and Ekadashi

Then the Supreme Lord woke up and saw the dead demo before Him,as well as the maiden bowing down to him with joined palms. His
face expressing His astonishment, the Lord of the universe said,”Who has killed this vicious demon? He easily defeated all the demigods, Gandharvas, and even Indra himself, along with Indra’s companions, the Maruts, and he also defeated the Nagas (snakes), the rulers of the lower planets. He even defeated Me, making Me hide in this cave out of fear. Who is it that has so mercifully protected Me after I ran from the battlefield and went to sleep in this cave?

The maiden said, “It is I who have killed this demon after appearing from You transcendental body. Indeed, O Lord Hari, when he saw You sleeping he wanted to kill You. Understanding the intention of this thorn in the side of the three worlds, I killed the evil rascal and this freed all the demigods from fear. I am Your great maha-sakti, Your internal potency, who strikes fear into the hearts of all Your enemies. I have killed this universally terrifying demon to protect the three worlds. Please tell me why You are surprised to see that this demon has been killed, O Lord.

Lord Vishnu and Ekadashi Devi
Lord Vishnu and Ekadashi Devi

” The Supreme Lord said, “O sinless one, I am very satisfied to see that it is you who have killed this king of the demons. In this way you have made the demigods happy, prosperous, and full of bliss. Because you have given pleasure to all the demigods in the three worlds, I am very pleased with you. Ask any boon you may desire, O auspicious one. I will give it to you without a doubt, though it be very rare among the demigods.”

 Why not to eat grains on Ekadashi

For the purpose of punishing the evil human beings, Papa Purusha was created. His form was the embodiment of the worst kinds of sin (Papa-purusha). His was a horrible personality embodying all sinful activities and vices was created. He inflicts extreme misery upon sinful persons.

In form of Ekadasi and by the virtue of his boons to her, sinful people find a way of reaching heaven if they followed Ekadasi vrata. Seeing this Papa-Purusha inquired Lord Vishnu that his existence is over as this vrata has the power to deny him. So where does he go.  It is through me that you wanted distress given to the living entities who are very sinful. But now, by the influence of Sri Ekadashi, I have become all but destroyed.

Pap purusha
Pap purusha

Lord Vishnu said –  I’ll tell you where you can stay on the lunar day of Ekadasi. On the date of Sri Ekadasi, which is the benefactor of the three planetary systems, you can take shelter of foodstuffs in the form of grains. There is no reason to worry about this any more, because My form as Sri Ekadasi will no longer impede you.’ After giving direction to the Papa-purusha, the Supreme Lord Vishnu disappeared and the Papa-purusha returned to the performance of his own activities. Therefore, those persons who are serious about the ultimate benefit of the soul will never eat grains on Ekadasi. According to the instructions of Lord Vishnu, every kind of sinful activity that can be found in the material world takes its residence in this place of (grains) foodstuff.


Various Ekadashi days


Mokshada Ekadashi – on this all-auspicious day, Lord Shri Krishna spoke the Srimad Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, at the place now known as Jyotisha tirtha.  Anyone who gifts a Bhagavad Gita away to a deserving person on this day is bestowed profuse blessings by the Sri Krishna Bhagawan.

Jaya / Bhaimi
Sayana / Padma
Aja / Annada
Parvartini / Parsva
Haribhodini / Utthana
Adik maas – Padmini

Bhishma Ekadashi is one of the most auspicious days and it is celebrated to mark the origin of the most powerful and well known Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama Sthothram. On this day Bhishma Pithamaha who was the oldest, wisest, most powerful, and the most righteous person belonging to the Kuru dynasty (approx. over 5000 years ago) narrated the greatness of Lord Krishna through Sri Vishnu Sahsranaama to Yudhishtira who was the oldest brother of Pandavas.

Bhishma ekadashi
Bhishma ekadashi


Draupadi wanted someone else as her husband

Draupadi wished someone else as her husband apart from Pandavas

Though this is not a verified fact, but Draupadi had a wish to have someone as her husband outside her marriage with Pandavas.

Draupadi cheerharan

The Jambul episode

This secret of Draupadi, may be considered to be an important aspect of human thinking and also highlights that no one is immune to wandering thoughts. This is also known as the “Jambul episode (Jambhul Akhyan)”.

This incident is Draupadi’s hidden love towards Karna.

Drupadi and Pandavas
Drupadi and Pandavas

Draupadi plucks a ripe fruit and warned by Lord Krishna

According to a legend from Mahabharata, during the last year of the exile of the Pandavas, Draupadi saw a ripe jambul (rose apple), hanging from a tree. She wanted to eat and hence plucked it. When Lord Krishna saw this, he stopped her from eating it. He told her that the Jambul fruit was supposed to be the fruit with which sage Amitra was supposed to break his twelve-year fast. Not finding the fruit at its place, the Pandavas could earn the wrath of the sage, resulting in more trouble.

A solution was proposed

Lord Krishna gave a solution to this  problem. In order for that to happen, each one of Pandavas must speak only the truth. Saying thus, he took them to the tree. He placed the fruit under the tree and told that each one of them should reveal all secrets about them without hiding anything and without any deceit. Then the fruit will go and cling to the tree on its own accord. One by one, the Pandavas and Draupadi reveal their truths, with the fruit moving up each time

Draupadi confesses her secret wish

At last, Draupadi professes her love for the Pandavas, and reveals her own faults in their situation. However, the fruit doesn’t move, and Krishna says that she is hiding something. With great trepidation, Draupadi looked into the eyes of her husbands and laments that she wished that she had married Karna, saying that had she done so, she wouldn’t have suffered such misery. This was a shock to all the husbands, but none said anything.The fruit went back on the branch of the tree and all was well. The Pandavas got the message that in spite of five brave husbands, they had failed their wife when she needed them the most.


Draupadi could have fourteen husbands instead of five


Stories on Arjuna


जटायु और भीष्म

क्रोध बहुत बुरी बात है । कभी भी किसी को क्रोध नहीं करना चाहिये ।

यहाँ मैं दो स्थितियों का वर्णन करूँगा , एक स्थिति में क्रोध और क्रोध करने वाली की गति और दूसरी स्थिति में क्रोध और क्रोध न करने वाली की  गति  ।

पंचवटी में राम, सीता , और लक्ष्मण कुटी बनाकर रह रहे थे  । जंगल का ये इलाका  गिद्गराज जटायु  का जाना पहचान था , अतः दूर से ही उनकी की  नज़रें हमेशा राम ,सीता और लक्ष्मण की सुरक्षा पर टीकी रहती थीं । अचानक उन्हें रावण का पुष्पक विमान उस इलाके में दिखाई दिया । रावण के स्वभाव से जटायु राज भली भांति परिचित थे । अतः वे सीता की सुरक्षा के लिये विशेष सावधान हो गये । किसी पहाड़ी की ऊंची छोटी पर बैठे उन्होंने देखा कि रावण के चंगुल में फंसी सीता उसके पुष्पक विमान में  विलख और छटपटा रहीं थीं । गिद्धराज जटायु ने  क्रोध में आग बबूला  हो , जनक नन्दिनी को मुक्त करने का रावण को आदेश दिया । रावण के नहीं मानने पर उन्होंने कहा, “यद्यपि मैं बूढ़ा हो गया हूं , फिर भी मैं तुम्हें जिन्दा रहते , जनकनंदिनी को यहां से ले जाने नहीं दूंगा “। और फिर उसके बाद गिद्धराज जटायु और रावण का जो युद्ध  हुआ उससे हम सभी परिचित  है ।

Jatayu fights with Ravana
Jatayu and Ravana – Aranya Kanda

रावण इस भीषण युद्ध में  जटायु पर भारी पड़ा और उसने जटायु के पंखों को काट डाला । बेचारे जटायु जमीन पर अर्धमूर्छित अवस्था में गिर पड़े और ईश्वर से यही प्रार्थना करते रहे कि , उनकी सांस तब तक बनी रहे , जब तक वे राम को सीता हरण का समाचार न दे दें ।

राम लक्ष्मण जंगल में सीता को खोजते हुए उधर आये । उनलोगों ने  इधर-उधर खून के कुछ छीटें देखे और उन खून के धब्बों की तरफ आगे बड़ने पर  खून से लथ-पथ जटायु को देखा । राम ने जटायु को तुरन्त अपनी गोद में लिया और लक्ष्मण को कुछ जड़ी -बूटी लाने का आदेश दिया ।  दर्द से तड़पते हुये जटायु ने राम से कहा , “राम मेरे जाने का समय हो गया है, मेरी साँसे इसीलिये टिकी हुई थीं, जिससे कि मैं आपको यह बता सकूँ , ” जनकनंदिनी को रावण उठाकर दक्षिण दिशा की तरफ ले गया है । मैंने सीता को बचाने की बहुत कोषिष की ।  परन्तु  रावण इस बूढ़े गिद्ध पर भारी पड़ा और मैं जनकनंदिनी को बचा नहीं सका “।

जटायु ने राम की गोद में ही दम तोड़ दिया । राम ने लक्ष्मण को लकड़ी इकठा करने का आदेश दिया और स्वयं अपने हाथों जटायु का दाह-संस्कार किया  ।

जटायु के क्रोध का फल देखये , एक अवतारी पुरुष की गोद में प्राण त्यागना और अवतारी पुरुष के हाथों दाह संस्कार । आप अठारहों पुराण पढ़ लीजिये , सारे धर्मग्रंथों को पढ़ लीजिये , ये कहीं नहीं पायेंगें कि किसी अवतारी पुरुष ने अपने पिता का दाह संस्कार किया हो ।

जटायु के “क्रोध” ने उन्हें उस जगह पहुंच दिया , जिस जगह पर  ऋषि मुनि भी जन्मों की तपस्या के बाद नहीं पहुँच पाते ।

दूसरा दृष्य , जिसमे क्रोध नहीं किया गया :-

धृतराष्ट्र की भरी सभा , भीष्म से लेकर सभी बुजुर्ग महारथी और पूज्यजन , सर निचे किये , द्रौपदी का चिर हरण देखते रहे । अबला नारी सभी से अपनी इज्जत की भीख मांगती रही । आर्यावर्त के उस समय के सबसे बड़े और शक्तिशाली पुरुष  भीष्म अपनी ही पौत्रबधु  की इज़्ज़त की  धज्जियां उड़ते देख रहे थे । चुप रहने का कारण  चाहे जो कुछ भी रहा हो , परन्तु यदि उन्होंने उस क्षण झूठ-मूठ का भी क्रोध किया होता , सभा में उपस्थित अपने दुष्ट पोतों को डांटा भी होता , तो शायद महाभारत का रण नहीं हुआ होता ।

और उस दिन भीष्म के क्रोध न करने का फल भीष्म को मिला , छे महीने तक वाणों के सर सैया , वाणों की सेज पर पड़े रहने का फल ।

Bhishma Pitamah - Mahabharat - Indian mythology story
Bhishma Pitamah

जटायु ने  उचित समय पर क्रोध किया और भीष्म ने उचित समय पर क्रोध नहीं किया । दोनों को फल मिला , परन्तु अलग अलग ।

Unknown facts about Tirupati Balaji

Tirupati Balaji

Tirupati is a place  Lord Vishnu chose as an alternative to Vaikunth his celestial home. Tirumala temple stands on a hill range comprising seven peaks, representing & hoods of Adisesha. Lord Balaji is also called Lord of seven hills.

Tirupati Balaji
Tirupati Balaji

Here are some interesting and unknown facts about the  Balaji temple.

  1.  The Arch at the entrance of Tirumala Hills is unique in the world.

Natural arch, Tirumala Hills is a distinctive geological wonder located 1 km. north of Tirumala Hills temple. The Arch is also known as Silathoranam. Sila is rock and thoranam is garland  strung over a threshold connecting two vertical column as  an  arch. Arch measures 8m in width and 3m. in height. It is one of the few natural arches in Asia.

Balaji temple arch
Balaji temple arch

Interesting stories related to Tirumala hill temple :

  • The arch resembles the hood of serpent, a conch and discus all symbol of worship in Hindu religion and considered to be source of the idol of Lord Venkateswara or Lord Balaji.
  • main deity in Tirumala temple is of the same height as the height of the Arch.
  • Lord Vishnu is supposed to be have put his first foot down at place called Padalu, which is highest point of Tirumala hills, Second step at location of arch and thereafter next step is stated to have been placed where his idol is now worshipped in the temple at Tirumala.
  1. A Chemical kachcha Kapooram (Green Camphor) is a soft white chemical is applied on the idol of Balaji everyday.

Fact is if this chemical is applied on granite cracks will appear on it.

But , surprisingly this is applied on Balaji every day still there is no damage to the stone.

  1. Idol of Balaji always maintain a temperature of 110 degree F.

    The temple is at a height of about 3000 feet so the climate is normally cold and also every morning at 4; 30 am Abhishekam is done in which the idol is bathed with water, milk as well as other dravayam. After the bath sweat appears in form of fine water particles on the body of the idol . Sweat is wiped with silken cloth. On every thursday when ornaments are removed before sacred bath it is noticed that they are warm.

  1. At the entrance of the main door, to the right side a stick which was used by Ananthaaivar to his Venkaleshwara Swamy is present. When this stick was used to hit the Small boy Venkateshwara his chin was hurt. Since then the practice of applying sandalwood paste on Swamy’s chin started.

    Tirupati Venkateshwara chin
    Tirupati Venkateshwara chin
  1. When Balaji lost small portion of hair after hit by shepherd, Neela devi a Gandharva princess cut a portion of her hair and implant it on his scalp. Lord Balaji promises her that all his devotees who come to his abode should render their hair to him, and she would be recipient of all the hair received .

It remain a miracle that there is a real hair on the main idol of  Venkateswara Swamy. The authorities says that this hair is always silky smooth and never entangles.

Nearly 1.08 crore devotee offer their hair to the Lord and nearly 1.5 crore disposable blades are used for the purpose, TTD gets an income of  200 crore per year with the sale of the offered hair.     

Tirupati - hair offerings
Tirupati – hair offerings
  1. The length of the silken dress of Lord Balaji is around 21 arm length. (roughly one arm length is one and a half feet ), and its weight is around 6 kilogram. This can not be brought from any shop. devotee willing to offer dress submit assigned sum at the temple office towards the cost of the dress offered by the devotee. Andhra Pradesh govt. also offers one set dress twice in a year.

Every friday 15 such outer garments are accepted for offering. For this there is  waiting period of at least 10 years or more.

The inner garment of Lord Balaji’s consort  Goddess Alarmelumanga are made of cotton at a place called Kathwaal. The weaver of this garment belong to Chechu tribe and they prepare it with utmost devotion. Since this inner garment touches the body of Goddess, the weaver take bath thrice daily during the preparation of the dress, They don’t touch liquor or any non- vegetarian food.

  1. The worship of Lord Balaji is done as Mother Goddess Amba (Ambal) for 4 days, Lord Maha Vishnu for 2 days and Lord Shiva for one day in a week.                                                                                                              Bilva leaves a must for worship of Lord Shiva are used during archana.
  1. Venkateshwara Swamy appears to be standing in the middle of the Garba Guddi. Actually, Swamy stands at the right side corner of the Garba Guddi . This can be noticed from standing outside.

    Tirupati Garbhagudi
    Tirupati Garbhagudi
  1. Abhishekam is performed every morning from 4:30-5:30. Many items required for  Abhishekam are imported from abroad like saffron from Spain, kasturi from Nepal, Punugu from China, certain fragrance material from Paris. These items are mixed with sandal paste prepared in a golden plate. 51 small kalasam of milk is offered in Abhishekam. Then they apply Kasturi and Punugu to the idol. Specially packed roses are air-freighted from Amsterdam. Many fragrant items are sent from China to Balaji. These include chinese camphor, akila(a scented wood similar to sandalwood , sandalwood, amber, kumkum, thamalam etc.

There is also a traditional belief in vogue that Balaji has a third eye which he opens at the time of Abhishekam.

  1. The temple authority buy a mud pot daily in which curd and rice is offered to Lord. Except curd rice no other cooked or prepared  food item ever cross the  Kulasekara’s steps and enter the sanctum sanctorium. It is deemed to be big blessing indeed if any devotee gets the used mud pot and any left over of the curd and rice offered to Lord Balaji.
  1. The value of ornament of Balaji is around 1000 crores (appreciates as the market rises). salagrama is golden necklace its weight is around 12 kgs, surya kadari- weighs around 500 kgs, pada kavasam (leg covering ) weighs around 375 kgs. The single blue stone that is in possession of the temple is a unique and can not be found anywhere in world.
  1. Normally any Hindu God idol in sathvik and shanthi posture would be depicted with at least one weapon in one of the hand. But, in case Lord Balaji has no weapon in his hand . He is Nirayudha Pani. In ancient Tamil literature he is described as Verungai Vedan, a hunter without any arms in hands.
  1. Abhishekam water or liquids are let out through pipe into a nearby sacred tank of the temple called Pushkarani. Hence the water in the tank is also considered sacred.  It is believed that the sacred water is capable of removing one’s sin on taking a dip in it. After taking a dip people offers Arghyam.
  1. Flower garland worn by the idol of female devotee known as Sri Aandaal at Srivilliputhur temple of Tamil nadu is brought daily to the hills and offered to Lord Balaji. Sri Aandaal  worshipped Lord Balaji as her God.

15. There is a secret village about 22 kms from town which allows only residents of the village to enter. It is said that village has a garden of flowers from where flowers are fetched and used in the sanctum of Lord Venkateshwara.

  1.  All the flowers used in garba gudi are in condition brought out. There is a waterfall behind the swamy and all the flowers used are thrown in the waterfall.

17.  There are about 1180 stone engraving in the temple at the seven hills. Out of these 50 are in Telegu / Kannada and rest 1130 are in Tamil language only.

  1. Paintings / murals  at Tirupati are over 300 years old.
  1. Every Friday,morning a special worship is performed before the commencement of Abhishekam. One Psalm in Tamil beginning with the word Venkatam yena Petra  is sung. During special worship the idol is without any dress or flower decoration (Nirmalya / Viwaroopa Dharshanam / Dikambaram). A camphor is lighted and shown to the Lord (Karpoora Aarti). The Nayadyam is offered  to the Lord(offering of fruits etc). Once again a karpoora aartiis done.

The idol of Balaji at this time shines beautifully and is a treat to the eye.

  1. Lakshmi devi is on the heart of Swamy. On Thursday during Nijaroopa Darshanam, Swamy is decorated with white wood paste . When this decoration is taken out the imprint on lakshmi Devi remains, This imprint is sold by temple authority.

    Tirupati Lakshmi Devi
    Tirupati Lakshmi Devi
  1. The lights lit in front of Swamy are said to lit since thousands of years.

    Tirupati - lights are lit for thousand years
    Tirupati – lights are lit for thousand years
  1. The Suprabhatam chanting   to wake up Lord is not played in temple during month of dec-. jan as he never sleeps.
  1. The Garuda Hills in Tirumala, the abode of Lord Venkateshwara features a natural rock formation that is in the form of Garuda. Garuda is vehicle of Lord Venkateshwara.
  1. A similar statue of silver is built inside the sanctum sanctorum in 966 AD for the purpose of doing Abhishekam as well as beautifying with all the jewelleries. Pallava Dynasty king sakti and his wife  has donated lot of jewels and ornament to this silver idol of Balaji.

25.. Major source of income is offerings, sale of prasadam, sale of  darshan tickets,seva ticket, sale of hair offered and receipt from choultries(place of accommodation). The gross income of TTDfor the year (14-15) ws estimated to be 2359.2 crores ie, about 6.34 crore every day.

26.. The temple is visited by about 50,000 to 100,000 devotees daily, on special occasion or festivals like annual Brahmotsavam, the number shoots up to 500,000 or more thus making it a most visited place in world.

  1.  In 1800, temple was said to be closed for 12 years. One king is said to have punished 12 people by killing them and hanging them on the wall of the temple. It is believed that at this time Swamy appeared.

    Tirupati Temple was closed for twelve years
    Tirupati Temple was closed for twelve years
  1. According to Varaha Purana during treta Yuga , Lord Rama resides here along with Devi Sita and Lakshmana on his return from Lankapuri.