Lord Krishna and Rukmini devi marriage

Lord Krishna’s eight wives are known as Ashtabharya. Out of these, Devi Rukmini was believed to be most devoted towards the Lord. Following is the fascinating story of how Rukmini got married to Lord Krishna Rukmi and Shishupala Devi Rukmini was daughter of Bhismak, who was king of Vidarbha. Rukmi was brother of her, who … Read more

Story of Gandiva bow

There is an interesting story of how Gandiva was acquired by Arjuna. Arjuna helped Lord Agni to cure the indigestion caused by a yagna conducted by King Swetaki. Lord Agni asked Varuna, who was in possession of Gandiva in exchange of annihilation of Khandava forest. He also gave Lord Krishna the mace Kaumodaki and the … Read more

Shri Krishna brought back his six brothers for Devki

Many of us do not know that Lord Krishna brought back the six sons of Devki (seventh and eighth being Balrama and himself) for a brief reunion. Names of these six sons are Smara, Udgitha, Parishvanga, Patanga, Kshudrabhrit and Ghrini. These six sons were earlier grand sons of Hiranyakashyap and they were living under a curse.   Read other facts about Lord … Read more

Killing of Shakatasur by Lord Krishna

After the birth of Lord Krishna, Kansa arranged for numerous attempts on his life, but every time, the Lord killed the person who was appointed for his killing. Following is an incident involving the demon Shakatasur. KILLING OF SHAKATASUR Festival in Gokul When Lord Krishna was twenty-seven days old, a festival was organised in Gokul. … Read more

Pootana salvation by Lord Krishna

Krishna killing Pootana

SALVATION OF POOTANA Shortly after the birth of Lord Krishna, Kansa started to think of ways to kill the child. After his discussion with evil ministers,, he sent a cruel ogress Pootana to kill all the newly born babies in his kingdom. In the guise of a pretty woman, she entered Gokul. Pootana finds Lord … Read more

Rakshabandhan – Krishna and Draupadi story

Draupadi tying rakhi to Lord Krishna

Rakshabandhan or Rakhi, is a popular festival in India which is celebrated on the day of Shravan Poornima. This day, sister tie sacred threads on the wrists of their brothers wishing good health and long life to them. Following are few stories which signifies the power of the holy thread or Rakhi. Rakhi – Krishna … Read more

Birth of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna

The story of birth of Lord Krishna   We know that Kamsa has imprisoned his sister and brother in law because of the Akshwani that eighth son of Devaki will kill him. He has killed seven of her sons and was waiting for the birth of eighth child. The day came was Amavasya of hindi … Read more

Govardhan Puja

Read about 21 unknown facts of Lord Krishna Legend behind Govardhan Puja ‘Govardhan’ is a small hillock situated at ‘Braj’, near Mathura. As per  Vishnu Purana,  people of Gokul used to worship and offer prayer to Lord Indra for the rains because they believed that it was he who sent rains for their welfare.  Shri … Read more