An intriguing story on Lok Sabha 2014 , Varanasi and Social Media pulse

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Lok Sabha elections 2014 The battle of titans at Varanasi As Indian political scenario is hotting up, and there is lots of buzz on social media. A TV channel was saying that as per a study, about 160 LS seats will have influence of Social Media this election. This is natural to know how our … Read more

Miniature paintings – Mughal, Kangra and Rajasthan

Miniature paintings from India Miniature paintings are popular folk art form. India, as diverse in flora and fauna and culture, has a range of these paintings which are so different, yet so mesmerising. Paintings from Mughal Period One of the important periods in Indian history is Mughal period, which contributed significantly to miniature paintings. The … Read more

New year – across the world

Chinese new year

Happy new year to everyone!!! Every year, new year is celebrated across the globe. There are different ways to celebrate the beginning. In following paragraphs, we will find that how this is celebrated across different regions and countries. New year all over the world Christians all over the world celebrate this day on first january, … Read more

Independence Day, 15 August

15th August is a glorious day in Indian history. This day in 1947 India got Independence. India was colonised by British Empire for more than 200 years, and after a prolonged struggle for freedom, India got Independence on 15 August, 1947. This has come at a price, as India was divided into two parts, Hindu … Read more

What is Folk Art

Miniature painitng - Folk Art - Shri Krishna

Indian, Japanese and Chinese Folk Art Folk  art is any form of  art which is local to a particular geography, and may have slowly gained the stature of importance. A folk art is not limited to any particular discipline. for example, music, painting and even sports can take the form of a folk art. Weaving, … Read more


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” observed the genius & greatest painters of all time, Leonardo DaVinci. “We, who have so much, must do more to help those in need. And most of all, we must live simply, so that others may simply live,” noted the American actor and environmentalist, Edward Begley Jr. Mahatma Gandhi put … Read more

Meet GOOGLE PLUS – new social networking avatar

LiveJournal Tags: Google Plus Social networking Looks like Google is trying its hand on social networking with its new project Google Plus. Not much is available about the project, but it seems that various social networking items are rechristened. Have a look at the following: 1. Hangouts – Looks like this is similar to video … Read more