A tribute to Sachin – Amul ads

A prodigy called Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin has been portrayed in Amul Ads over the years. As his retirement from test matches approaching, We have decided to show some of the interesting Amul ads about this legend.

When Shoaib refused to bowl to Sachin

This was released when Sachin made the first ODI double hundred. He is the first person to score a double hundred in ODIs. Virender Sehwag followed him up.



Sachin has been an awardee of Order of Australia. A testimony of his batting skills accepted by Australian community. Incidentally, his best knock have come against the best bowling attack of that time, that was Australia.



This takes the cake. The Don himself told that Sachin plays in the same fashion Don used to play. Sachin had a private meeting with Sir Donald Bradman when he was playing there. What an occasion it must have been.



This came when he created history by making hundred international hundreds. The hundredth ton too some time, and he was bowled by Ravi Rampaul in his homeground, when he was tantalizingly closed. But Little Master ensured that Indian following is not disappointed for long.



This was the moment when Little Champion surpassed the original Little Master, Sunil Gavaskar. Incidentally, Sachin has idolized Sunil Gavaskar and Vivian Richards during his formative years. Gavaskar broke the record of Sir Don and Sachin broke Gavaskar’s record. Currently, Sachin is the leading century maker in test and one day internationals and stands alone on the submit of 100 INTERNATIONAL CENTURIES.



This is very recent. When Master Blaster celebrated birthday with his old pal, Vinod Kambli. They have played together in the school and scored a 664 runs partnership as schoolboys. When Vinod Kambli made his debut, Sachin was batting at other end.


When Shoaib refused to bowl to Sachin


Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan

Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachcan – My Heroes

The great man has retired. There will be no more upper cuts or paddle sweep. So what? There are enough memories of his exploits which will remain with us. People often argue what is so great about him. The argument will stretch that he got out when he was needed, blah, blah……… My view is different. There is a very good article about Mr SRT on cricinfo and surely many of us will relate. I definitely do. For me, what made him great was the manner he took on opponents. I never realized this, but the more I think, the more I am convinced. What he did to Indian cricket was what Amitabh Bachchan did to Hindi movies. Here the angry young man, is fighting against the army of baddies, our little champion was taking on intimidating fast bowlers all over the world. The superstar stumbled at the last hurdle in two epics (Sholay and Deewar). Our Little Champion could not see India through against pak(133) and aus(90).

Sachin and Amitabh

The era which he started playing where an indian fan was used to losing. Here comes a little boy who started taking the bull by horns. It may seem exaggerating, but “Tum hamein maar nahi Sakte” is almost as recognizable as “Main yeh jaanta hoon ki main yeh kar sakta hoon”.  Such has been his effect of exploits that he did not remain at coffee table or tea stalls, he came into our homes. I surely can relate to the article “Growing with him”. Following things may look like stories, but they are facts.

  1. The day of my last engineering paper was the day “he” beat Australia in Sharjah. That innings is part of Tendulkar folklore. I don’t remember the name of the subject (where I scored an A), but I rue that I could not see about first seventy runs because of the paper.
  2. Kolkata test is known for VVS and Rahul. But even on the last day, India did not win until Sachin gave a test of his own medicine to Warne, a googly. (35/3)
  3. The writer has witnessed fighting people over what he cannot do. Some people even suggested that he can become president of India. He is currently a rajya sabha member, you never know what happens next.
  4. The way he took on Henry Olonga after getting out on a bouncer. People said this is end of his career. He had played 12 years now. I boarded a train to my home town and there was a scheduled stop of about 20 minutes. On the platform,  the match was live on TV. Me and my friend could not believe, but Sachin and Saurabh won the game in about thirty overs, with special treatment meted out to Henry. You will probably not believe that train started about 20 minutes late from its scheduled departure, after the match was finished.

Whatever may be the case, but the exit was unceremonius from the stage which was his. Mr Bachchan has reinvented him, I hope he says goodbye to test cricket in grand style.

Note: This article started just after his announcement for retirement, but seeing the light late.

Cricket Funny Bone

Amul ads on cricket

Over the years, Amul Ads have been known to hit their mark often. Below are few of them.

Sachin’s first double ton

It was a long awaited one. But fittingly, Sachin was the one to score the first double hundred in ODIs.

Sachin’s double ton in gwalior

Indian vs pakistan in cricket world cup

Indian beat pakistan again in world cup. Interestingly, till date, India have always beaten pakistan in a world cup game, including T20s.

India packed pakistan in cricket world cup, again!


Indian premier league burns out the players very often. Amul has aptly come up an ad for this situation as well.

Injuries in Indian premier league – IPL

Ball tampering

These ads have addressed issues like ball tampering as well. Can you identify the player and the incident.

What an appetizer?

Wedding of Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik

Amul ads have come up with an appropriate punch line on the wedding of pakistan cricket player Shoaib Malik and indian tennis player Sania mirza.

Wedding of two sportpersons

Sachin and Kambli

Following is in response to the statement which Kambli given in a television programme. He later retracted his statement and clarified on newspaper. Sachin and Kambli were school buddies and they scored 674 runs in a famous partnership, playing for sharda-ashram school. Their teacher was Ramakant Achrekar.

Sachin and Kambli

The run which made whole India standstill

This is how the Master reached his hundredth 100.

The One run which made whole india wait

If Sachin does not get to the hundred mark?

This article is not to predict whether Sachin will get his hundredth ton or not, rather this article is about the similar instances and landmarks of sport persons, which have been hard to come by.

By this time, this is irrelevant to talk about the capability of the prodigy called Sachin Tendulkar,because he had made enough runs in both forms of cricket, which will require some effort to supersede individually, forget about any person reaching the milestones in both forms of this game.

Sachin Tendulkar – playing upper cut

This does not make him superhuman though, as we see in following cases,  athletes struggling at the proverbial “last hurdle”.

Kapil Dev, the charismatic all rounder, who led India to their first world cup victory, was seen struggling in his last stages of career, when trying to upstage Sir Richard Hadlee. Azharuddin did not get to play his 100th test, because for the reasons not related to cricket. Saurabh Ganguly struggled for a place in the eleven at the fag end of his career.

Perhaps, the exception has been Anil Kumble, who became more skilful at the twillight of his career, but one person stands out of this, who is Sunil Gavaskar who is truly an exception to these. He said good bye to cricket in prime form.

Another is Imran Khan, who inspired a not so good team to a world cup win. Similarly we saw Ivan Lendl never winning a Wimbledon despite being at top for long, we are witnessing Rafael Nadal showing signs of fatigue at a very young age, which makes Roger Federer look good.

Well, the question is , even if he does not get it, would Sachin, the phenomenon Tendulkar’s achievements will become less great? I doubt, after all, Sir Don Bradman did not get those four runs. Sir Jack Hobbs struggled a lot to equal W G Grace’s record, and was “helped” by opposing team when he actually broke the record.

But guess, who will be remembered along with Tendulkar, if does not get it at all. The answer is, Ravi Rampaul.

First published on 04 March, 2012, Sachin made his 100th ton on Mar, 16, announced retirement from ODI before the team selection with Pak Series on 23 Dec, 2012.


Moments from Indian Cricket

Moments to remember – Indian Cricket

Featured here are some famous pictures related to Indian Cricket. These pictures will surely evoke some emotions to the cricket loving  people in India.


1. Miandad doing acrobatics in 1992 world cup. Pakistan eventually lost this to India. He was bowled by Srinath in this match.

2. Sourav Ganguly celebrating at Lords after India defeated England in NatWest final. Andres Flintoff took off his shirt in Mumbai and many still think that Ganguly was returning the favour.


3. Aamir Khan losing his wicket after pakistan was making good progress while chasing India’s 289. There were few words exchanged and Prasad also did the talking not only with the ball, but through his lips as well. M J Akbar put it aptly that Aamir lost his temper, lost his wicket and lost his match as well. Yes, he was captain in that match. This match also was jadeja’s exploits with the bat. Sachin made 31 and Sidhu was named man of the match for his 94.


An article on Sachin Tendulkar

I am becoming nostalgic reading about Sachin Tendulkar, SRT. I was very angry when I wrote this post because a friend of mine has criticised SRT. So, please help yourself.

(This post was written on Octber 25, 2005)

When this guy is batting and batting the way he used to, How can I keep myself in check!!! Looks like Chappel said to him- Go son, enjoy yourself and let us enjoy your batting. Appears to me that he has been asked to go and use pyrotechnics to blast the opposition and not to try to win matches for india. After all, its a team game!!!!!!!!!!! One good article I found at It feels good to hear words like God and Ferrari ( Mind you these are not mine.)

Wait a minute. I have almost forgot to write about Dravid. Shot of the match was played by him.( even second innings is not played). Inside out to extra cover for 6.

By the way, today Tendulkar was wearing jersey no. 33.

I got a chance to get photographed with my hero at Madame Tussaud’s too.