Mahaganpati – Lord Ganesha – Ashtavinayak temple

Mahaganpati Temple is the eighth and final temple to be visited in Ashtavinayak yatra. The temple is 50 kms from Pune on the Pune Ahmednagar highway in the village of Ranjangaon. About Idol and Temple Ganesha idol as Mahaganpati in this temple is in sitting position with crossed legs and is facing towards east. The […]

Vighneshwar Temple – Ashtavinayak – Lord Ganesha

Vighneshwar Temple at Ozar is one of the ashtavinayak Temple of Lord Ganesha. This Ganesha temple is located at Ozar which is 85 kms from Pune situated at Pune Nasik highway on the banks of river Kukadi. This temple is 7th temple to be visited into Ashtavinayak yatra. Legend According to Puran, there was a […]

Chintamani – Ashtavinayak – Lord Ganesha

Chintamani Chintamani is a form of Lord Ganesha. He is worshipped for unity, prosperity, learning and removing obstacles. Ashtavinayak is eight forms of Ganesha. All the eight temples of Ganesha are located in Maharashtra. All the idols of Ashtavinayak are self originated (swayambhu). Chintamani Temple of Theur is a Hindu temple located 22 km from […]

Varada Vinayak – Ashtavinayak temple of Lord Ganesha

Varada Vinayak Varada Vinayak temple is one among the Ashtavinayak temple, located in Madh village of Raigad district, Maharashtra. People visit this temple after visiting Balleshwar temple, and then proceed to the next temple which is Chintamani Temple, in Pune. The Ganesha idol of the temple is self originated (swayambhu). The idol is facing east […]

Ballaleshwar Temple – Abode of Lord Ganesha

Ballaleshwar Temple Ballaleshwar Temple is located in village of Pali, in Raigarh district of Maharashtra. This is the only temple of Lord Ganesha which is famous by the name of his devotee. This temple is one among the eight temples of Lord Ganesha. This temple is to be visited after Siddhivinayak Temple by the devotees […]

Siddhivinayak – Lord Ganesha Temple

Siddhivinayak Temple Siddhivinayak temple is located in Prabhadevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra. In Marathi, Siddhivinayak is also known as Navsacha Ganapati, Navasala Pavanara Ganpati which means Ganpati bestows whenever humbly genuinely prayed. It is believed that it was here on the Siddhatek mountain Vishnu acquired Siddhi and as such the idol of Lord Ganesha here is called […]