Ballaleshwar Temple – Abode of Lord Ganesha

Ballaleshwar Temple

Ballaleshwar Temple is located in village of Pali, in Raigarh district of Maharashtra. This is the only temple of Lord Ganesha which is famous by the name of his devotee. This temple is one among the eight temples of Lord Ganesha. This temple is to be visited after Siddhivinayak Temple by the devotees who are doing Ashtavinayak yatra.  

The original temple was made of wood, which was later renovated in 1760. It is built in shape of Shree and is made by mixing lead with cement during construction.

The idol of Ganesha in this temple is in sitting position with its trunk turned left. Idol has diamond in eyes and naval. Statues of Goddess Riddhi and Siddhi is on either side of Ganesha waving chamras (hand fan). The statue of Ganesha is east facing and i placed such that during sunrise and sunset sun rays falls directly on the statue.

Sri Ballaleshwar temple of Lord Ganesha
Sri Ballaleshwar temple of Lord Ganesha

The temple has two sanctum one outer and inner. Outer sanctum has a statue of rat holding modak and facing Ganesha. Main hall has 8 pillars resembling cypress tree.


It’s a devotional story of a small boy Ballala.

Ballala was an ardent devotee of Lord Ganesha. He spent most of his time worshipping and influencing other friends to do so. Parents of other children were not very happy with this they though Ballala was misleading their children so they asked Ballala’s to restrain him.

One day Ballala was performing a special puja  and invited all his friends. The puja went on for several days and devoted children refused to go to home before completion of puja. This annoyed the parents they complained to ballala’s father about this.

Furious father, Kalyan seth went to the place were puja was being performed. He threw the Ganesha idol in forest and beat Ballala severely. Though Balallam was tired and injured but still continued chanting the name of Ganesha. Pleased with the devotion of the little boy Ganesha appeared before .Little boy Ballalla requested him to take abode at his village.

Ganesha said that he will also be known by his name, hence he is known as Ballaleshwar.

The stone statue which  Ballalla’s father threw on ground is known as  Dhundi Vinayak.

Today also this Swayambhu Murti is worshipped before Ballaleshwar.


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