Quiz on Ramayana – 21 Facts, How many of them you can answer?

1. __________was the vaidya(doctor) who healed Lakshman.  Click here for details.

2.  Meghnaad was performing yagna to please the goddess ___________. Click here for details.

3. How Rama identified Vali from Sugriva, when the two brothers were fighting? Click here for details.

4. Who saved Rama and Laxman from Naagpasha? Click here for details.

Meghnaad used naga astra against Ram and Laxman

5. Sita was imprisoned in __________ vatika. (This is easy).

6. Ravana contained amrit in his navel. Rama evaporated this by using _____________ weapon. Click here for details.

7. Who was Ravana’s wife? (This is easy)

8.  How many Kanda’s or books are there in Srimad Valmiki Ramayana?

9. Hanuman is said to be Brahmachari. Yet, he had a son. Can you name his  son? Click here for details.

10. There is one character in the Ramayana, who is also present in Mahabharata. Who is he? Click here for details.

11. Laxman was an incarnation of ____________. Click here for details.

12. First shloka of The Ramayana written by Valmiki is ___________________ This happened when the bird Krounch was killed by a hunter and Valmiki complained with above shloka.

13. Hanuman had two siddhis, garima and __________. With the help of these two, he could get past Sursa.

14. Rama intended to use Brahmastra couple of times, first, on Indra’s son, Jayant. On whom, he wanted to use this weapon second time?

15. Who was the teacher of the four princes, Rama, Laxmana, Bharata and Shatrughan.

16.  Name the wife of Bali (or Vali).

17. Rama took help of Sugriva and monkeys because he was cursed to this effect. Who cursed him?

18. After rejected by Rama, Sita lived in the hermitage of sage __________?

19. Indra’s son, in a form of bird, was annoying Rama and Sita. Rama intended to use brahmastra on him. In what form he (Indra’s son) was in? Click here for answer.

18. Who was the mother of Sita?

19. Rama, Sita and Laxman lived in ____________ forests during their exile.

20. While Jatayu lost his life trying to save Sita from cluthes of Ravana, his brother lived to tell the details of the abduction to Rama. Name him?  Click here for answer.

21. in Bal Kand, Rama let the wife of Sage Gautam come out of a curse. Who was she? Click here to know the answer.

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