Amul ads on cricket

Over the years, Amul Ads have been known to hit their mark often. Below are few of them.

Sachin’s first double ton

It was a long awaited one. But fittingly, Sachin was the one to score the first double hundred in ODIs.

Sachin’s double ton in gwalior

Indian vs pakistan in cricket world cup

Indian beat pakistan again in world cup. Interestingly, till date, India have always beaten pakistan in a world cup game, including T20s.

India packed pakistan in cricket world cup, again!


Indian premier league burns out the players very often. Amul has aptly come up an ad for this situation as well.

Injuries in Indian premier league – IPL

Ball tampering

These ads have addressed issues like ball tampering as well. Can you identify the player and the incident.

What an appetizer?

Wedding of Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik

Amul ads have come up with an appropriate punch line on the wedding of pakistan cricket player Shoaib Malik and indian tennis player Sania mirza.

Wedding of two sportpersons

Sachin and Kambli

Following is in response to the statement which Kambli given in a television programme. He later retracted his statement and clarified on newspaper. Sachin and Kambli were school buddies and they scored 674 runs in a famous partnership, playing for sharda-ashram school. Their teacher was Ramakant Achrekar.

Sachin and Kambli

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