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Above is not a still from a movie instead, but a common occurence in “Lujan Zoo” in Argentina. Here people can not only go near wild and dangerous animals, but they can cuddle and even take a ride on them. There is no information though from the zoo, as why these animals behave as domesticated ones.
Lujan’s zoo is located in the Province of Buenos Aires at 42 miles (68 Km) north west of Buenos Aires city, this is one of the main attractions of the city that every week receives hundreds of local and foreign visitors.

Visitors can even pick up the smaller animals and play with them at risk to themselves and the creatures. Shockingly there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of safety regulations to protect either humans or animals
At the zoo visitors are in direct contact with the animals and can also enjoy rides on them. Cages are accessible to everyone who paid $50 and signed the paper saying that if you are eaten, the Zoo is not responsible.
Even children are allowed to enter the lion’s cage and other potentially dangerous animals.

Animal protection charity, The Born Free Foundation, has condemned the zoo and issued a statement to urge tourists not to visit it.

Will Travers, CEO of The Born Free Foundation said: ‘Based on what I have seen displayed on the Lujan Zoo website, I am fearful that a terrible accident is going to happen.
CEO of The Born Free Foundation add : ‘The zoo is, in my view, placing the lives of its visitors at great risk by encouraging them to have ‘close encounters’ with dangerous, potentially lethal, wild animals.

Anyone who has any knowledge of big cats will understand that they are wild animals and, as such, as unpredictable.
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