Alternative to exercise

We all are aware of the benefits of exercise, but still many of us don’t do it. Though I know that it’s not impossible to take few minutes from 24 hours. But still many of us don’t and there are several explanations and justifications for not carrying regular exercises. Don’t worry I have some ideas which can help you to burn your calories. Trust me these are really very simple things which you can easily follow without any extra stress or strain.
-You can use stairs instead of lifts and escalators.
-You can get off from a bus one stop early and walk down.
-You can park your car at a distant place so that you can walk.
-You can do swimming.
-If you love dancing then go ahead and rock on music it’s a perfect way to burn calories.
– You can play any of your favourite sports, lawn tennis, squash, badminton etc. great way to burn your fat.
– You can do cleaning like sweeping floor or dusting best to keep you and your house fit.
-Avoid going on cars or scooter to near by places, this way you will burn your fuel but save your car fuel.
-Wash your car yourself.
-If you love cycling is too good do it.
These are few things which one can easily do and keep oneself fit.

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