Adai – recipe for delicious food

Adai recipe

Adai is the famous food delicacy widely consumed in south india. This is also referred as Adai Dosa or Adai Dosai. The recipe of this food form is discussed here.  As in other forms of food recipes from south, this also contains  rice and gram. In fact, rice and gram are a key ingerdient in any recipe from south india. This food recipe is very good if you are looking for high contecnt protein. In this criteria, Adai fits the bill.

Adai is a heavy dish and its recipe contains rice and a mixture of lentils.  It can include fenugreek leaves or onions  as well .  Sometimes finely chopped cabbage, grated carrots  or even drum stick leaves are added to its recipe for variations.


Here is the whole recipe for Adai food:

Ingredients :

chana dal– 1 cup
toor dal -1 cup
urad dal -1 cup
moong dal – 1 cup
rice -1 cup
ginger a small piece
methi seeds- 1 tsp.
red chilli – 4
onion chopped-1
coriander leaves chopped

Process :

  • Soak rice and all dals in water over night.
  • Add ginger chilli and methi seeds, grind them into a fine course batter. The batter should not be thick nor watery.
  • Add chopped onion and chopped coriander. You may add few curry leaves.
  • Heat a griddle and then take a spoon full of batter and spread it like dosa, pour spoon full of oil. Let it get cooked
  • Cook both sides. After both sides are cooked remove from tawa and serve it hot with chutney or butter or jaggery. Serve with ginger and coconut chutney.

Adai, when properly cooked as per the recipe, is a crispy dish to savour and healthier at the same time. This is a famous dish from tamilnadu but widely eaten in kerala and other states. Variations of this delicious recipe is also consumed, such as mixing with drumstick and spinach.

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