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Information on Mahabharat in hindi

October 15, 2016 Ritu 0

पाण्डव पाण्डव पाँच भाई थे जिनके नाम हैं – 1. युधिष्ठिर    2. भीम    3. अर्जुन 4. नकुल      5. सहदेव ( इन पांचों के अलावा […]

Govardhan Puja (festival)

October 13, 2016 Ritu 1

Govardhan Puja Read about 21 unknown facts of Lord Krishna Legend behind Govardhan Puja ‘Govardhan’ is a small hillock situated at ‘Braj’, near Mathura. As […]

Vijaya Dashmi Mantra

Famous shloka of Durga Saptashati

October 2, 2016 Ritu 0

Important shloka from Durga Saptashati Durga is omnipresent as the embodiment of power, intelligence, peace, wealth, morality etc. Devi Mantras are known as Siddhi Mantra […]

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The killing of Dhumralochana

October 2, 2016 Ritu 0

The killing of Dhumralochana Third day of Navratri is associated with killing of Dhumralochana who was the commander of Shumbh. Shumbh sent Devi a message […]