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Miniature painitng - Folk Art - Shri Krishna

What is Folk Art

Indian, Japanese and Chinese Folk Art

Folk  art is any form of  art which is local to a particular geography, and may have slowly gained the stature of importance. A folk art is not limited to any particular discipline. for example, music, painting and even sports can take the form of a folk art.

Weaving, jewellery making, are some forms of folk art which have gained credence. Sometimes, these folk art become so important that they are sought all over the world. An example of these is Madhubani paintings. This form of art has started from a small place in Bihar, India. Madhubani paintings are sought after around the world.  Another form of folk art is miniature paintings.  Art galleries over the world keep famous folk arts as well.

Decorative artistic things are used for home decorative ideas. Madhubani paintings, miniature paintings, wood handicrafts are few forms of folk art, which are used extensively.

Chinese art

There are different Chinese art forms, but the two most important  Chinese art forms are Chinese paper cutting and  Chinese paper folding.  These art forms date back to han dynasty. Similarly kite is also given by China and noted as an important contribution to Europe.  Kite flying is also a tradition in India. Here on independence day, kites are flown all over  the country. Puppetry is also widely used chinese art, a form of folk art.

Indian Art

Indian Paintings have always been famous for  creativity and imagination. Warli Paintings are the ancient Indian folk art tradition of Warli Tribe in Maharashtra.  Walri or Varli tribe is an ancient East Indian Tribe of India. These tribes are the scheduled Tribes of India. Warli is a small tribe inhabiting in the remote regions of Maharashtra. The style is some what similar to the pre historic cave paintings. These paintings are exquisite. This art was first discovered in early seventies of the last century. Since then the art has traveled across borders and has now become a famous art found on various home décor products.


Indian folk art by Warli tribe of Maharashtra

Miniature painting is another form of folk art which was made famous during the period of Mughals. The style gradually spread in the next two centuries to influence painting on paper in both Muslim and Hindu princely courts, developing into a number of regional styles often called “sub-Mughal”, including Kangra painting and Rajput painting, and finally Company painting, a hybrid watercolour style influenced by European art and largely patronized by the people of the British raj.

Miniature painitng - Folk Art - Shri Krishna

Miniature painitng – Folk Art – Shri Krishna

Japanese Folk Art

Etegami, a form of Japanese folk art consisting of simple hand-painted drawings. This has become popular from 1970s. These are done on small canvas, such as postcards, so that, it becomes easy to mail them.  The basic concept has been around for a long time; the tradition of handmade New Years cards testifies to this.  Today, etegami is very popular folk art.


Etegami – A form of Folk art (Japanese)

Mahabharat – names of 100 Kauravas

It was indeed tough for Dhritrashtra and Gandhari to name their hundred sons. Beside this, they had a daughter as well. Following are the names of them.

  1. Duryodhana
  2. Dussaasana
  3. Dussaha
  4. Dussalan
  5. Jalagandha
  6. Sama
  7. Saha
  8. Vindha
  9. Anuvindha
  10. Durdharsha
  11. Subaahu
  12. Dushpradharsha
  13. Durmarshana
  14. Durmukha
  15. Dushkarna
  16. Vikarna
  17. Sala
  18. Sathwan
  19. Sulochan
  20. Chithra
  21. Upachithra
  22. Chithraaksha
  23. Chaaruchithra
  24. Saraasana
  25. Durmada
  26. Durvigaaha
  27. Vivilsu
  28. Vikatinanda
  29. Oornanaabha
  30. Sunaabha
  31. Nanda
  32. Upananda
  33. Chithrabaana
  34. Chithravarma
  35. Suvarma
  36. Durvimocha
  37. Ayobaahu
  38. Mahabaahu
  39. Chithraamga
  40. Chithrakundala
  41. Bheemavega
  42. Bheemabela
  43. Vaalaky
  44. Belavardhana
  45. Ugraayudha
  46. Sushena
  47. Kundhaadhara
  48. Mahodara
  49. Chithraayudha
  50. Nishamgy
  51. Paasy
  52. Vrindaaraka
  53. Dridhavarma
  54. Dridhakshathra
  55. Somakeerthy
  56. Anthudara
  57. Dridhasandha
  58. Jaraasandha
  59. Sathyasandha
  60. Sadaasuvaak
  61. Ugrasravas
  62. Ugrasena
  63. Senaany
  64. Dushparaaja
  65. Aparaajitha
  66. Kundhasaai
  67. Visaalaaksha
  68. Duraadhara
  69. Dridhahastha
  70. Suhastha
  71. Vaathavega
  72. Suvarcha
  73. Aadithyakethu
  74. Bahwaasy
  75. Naagadatha
  76. Ugrasaai
  77. Kavachy
  78. Kradhana
  79. Kundhy
  80. Bheemavikra
  81. Dhanurdhara
  82. Veerabaahu
  83. Alolupa
  84. Abhaya
  85. Dhridhakarmaavu
  86. Dhridharathaasraya
  87. Anaadhrushya
  88. Kundhabhedy
  89. Viraavy
  90. Chithrakundala
  91. Pradhama
  92. Amapramaadhy
  93. Deerkharoma
  94. Suveeryavaan
  95. Dheerkhabaahu
  96. Sujaatha
  97. Kaanchanadhwaja
  98. Kundhaasy
  99. Virajass
  100. Yuyutsu
  101. Dussala (Daughter)