Bristlecone pine

Seven Amazing Trees

November 29, 2009 Ritu 2

Seven amazing trees from all over the world. Oak chapel Oak chapel or Chêne chapelle is an oak tree, is a religious monument and object […]

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Honeybees sterilise their hives

November 20, 2009 Ritu 0

Scientists have discovered, honeybees sterilise their hives with antimicrobial resin. In doing so, they give the whole colony a form of “social immunity”. Although honeybee […]

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Namak pare (nimki)

November 10, 2009 Ritu 0

Ingredients : All purpose flour or maida -1 cup 3/4tsp. salt 1/4 tsp carom seeds(ajwain) 2 tbsp oil about 1/3 cup water oil to fry […]