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The story of Navratri festival

July 31, 2009 Ritu 1

Navratri – worship of Maa Durga Navratri is nine days of worship done to thank Goddess Durga. Whole of Iindia celebrates this festival. The festival of Navratri is […]

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Important herbs – Milk thistle

July 30, 2009 Ritu 0

Useful herbs – Milk Thistle Dioscorides, a first century Greek physician, gave milk thistlethe name Silybum marianum. Silybum relates to a number of edible thistles […]

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Cheese toast

July 27, 2009 Ritu 0

Ingredients: Bread slice – 2. Cheese grated- 1 cup. Capsicum chopped- 1 tbsp. Tomatoes chopped- 1 tbsp. Green chill chopped (optional). Process : In a […]

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Marriage – Muslim (Nikah)

July 26, 2009 Ritu 0

A Muslim marriage or nikah is not a sacrament, but a simple, legal agreement in which either partner is free to include conditions. These conditions […]